About Us

Established in 1961 on the occasion of Ram Navami By Founder Of the school Sh. Satya Pal Mahajan. School was established with an engrained purpose of providing high quality education to students and making them prepared for better future in their lives.

Ajit Vidialay has been showing working on its engrained value since the inception of the school without missing any shots. We have been awarded as the best schools in Amritsar by Government of Punjab. We have been producing excellent results every year. We give holistic development of our students our top most priority.

Our students don’t just perform very well in academia but also in sports, arts, creative, science, acting, drama, theatre and cultural skills. A lot of our students have won medals in national games and state games. Few students have also participated at International level. Which is an achievement in itself.

We are proud of our students who work hard in sports as well academics for their future. They work hard to get best results in both sports and academics. They make sure that they don’t lack behind in class just because they are playing sports.

We offer an array of sports like kickboxing, gymnastics, taekwondo, volleyball, badminton, boxing, karate, handball and many others. We make sure every student gets chance to play and learn atleast one sports during their academic year.

We offer smart class education to every student in our school, where audio visual learning is provided to student which makes the learning more effective and easy for students. We don’t just offer traditional learning but advanced learning to our students and we keen on adding new content and new ways to make learning more effective.

We have just added one more feather to our wing which is robotics lab, we have just introduced advanced robotics lab for our students where students can learn 3D printing, audrino based equipments, lego robotics kits, raspberry pi controllers and other robotics kits. We have been working hard on making students learn more skills for their future careers.

We believe in STEM education that’s why we make sure no child should be left behind in such advanced and competitive world where technology changes every minute, to keep up with pace of technology and for the holistic development of child we focus on skills more than on just education. We believe skilled student can achieve more than just educated student.

If you are looking for a school for yourself or for your child or for your brother or sister than look no further and get in touch with us right now.